Sense and Sensibility

"Elinor is as prudent as her sister Marianne is impetuous. Each must learn from the other after they are they are forced by their father's death to leave their home and enter into the contests of polite society. The charms of unsuitable men and the schemes of rival ladies mean that their paths to success are thwart with disappointment."

~ Vintage Classics

"Sense and Sensibility, published in 1811, is a British novel by Jane Austen, her first published work under the pseudonym, "A Lady." Jane Austen is considered a pioneer of the romance genre of novels, and for the realism portrayed in her novels, is one the most widely read writers in English literature.

A work of romantic fiction, Sense and Sensibility is set in southwest England in 1792 through 1797, and portrays the life and loves of the Dashwood sisters, Elinor and Marianne, daughters of their father Henry's second wife, Mrs. Dashwood. The sisters are starkly different from each other; Elinor is the epitome of prudence and self-control while Marianne embodies emotion and enthusiasm. Elinor, Marianne, and their younger sister, Margaret, are left in reduced circumstances when their father dies and his estate is passed onto their half-brother, John. The novel follows the young ladies to their new home, a meagre cottage on a distant relatives property, where they experience love, romance and heartbreak.

The philosophical resolution of the novel is ambiguous: the reader must decide whether sense and sensibility have truly merged."

~ Wikipedia

Two sisters must make their way in the world after the loss of their beloved father, encountering many dramatic twists and unexpected turns along the way. A story of the a battle between sense and sensibility, but which will prevail?

My review: This is a charming tale focusing more on family relationships, particularly between two very different sisters. With it's equal share of bad guys and good guys as the other novels, I think of this story as though it is Pride and Prejudice, IF Mr Bennet has died. Saying that, the stories are very different and it has some very unique and interesting characters. Definitely worth a read sometime!


From Prada to Nada
(Film adaptation of "Sense & Sensibility")
Camilla Belle (Nora Domingues) Alexa Vega (Mary Domingues) Nicholas D' Agosto (Edward Ferris) Wilmer Valderrama (Bruno)

Sense and Sensibility
(TV mini-series based on the novel)
Hattie Morahan (Elinor Dashwood) Charity Wakefield (Marianne Dashwood) David Morrissey (Colonel Brandon) Dan Stevens (Edward Ferrars)

Sense & Sensibility
(Film based on the novel)
Emma Thompson (Elinor Dashwood) Kate Winslet (Marianne Dashwood) Alan Rickman (Colonel Brandon) Hugh Grant (Edward Ferrars)

Sense & Sensibility
(TV movie based on the novel)
Irene Richard (Elinor Dashwood) Tracey Childs (Marianne Dashwood) Robert Swann (Colonel Brandon) Bosco Hogan (Edward Ferrars)

Sense & Sensibility
(TV movie based on the novel)
Joanna David (Elinor Dashwood) Ciaran Madden (Marianne Dashwood) Richard Owens (Colonel Brandon) Robin Ellis (Edward Ferrars)

The most popular and famous adaptations are the 2008 and 1995 adaptations, and I love them both. Here are my thoughts...

1995: A very well written play with some great actors and actresses taking the leads, and also the secondary characters. Perhaps the ages of some were a little off, for example Emma Thompson seemed a little old to be Elinor but she still played her brilliantly. The music is great, as well as the locations. The way it has been cut down to the film length works well and, in particular, I enjoyed seeing Alan Rickman's romantic side!

2008: This is my favourite of the two. The actors and actresses were more age appropriate, and I found the part of Edward Ferrars more likable in this version, as the way he was portrayed in the book (and other version) did not make him as appealing to me as Colonel Brandon. The music is also great and I love the costumes! Very well acted by all and the length means it is very exact to the book which is good. A wonderful adaptation and a great cast!


  1. Hi, there! I just found your blog through "Old Fashioned Charm." I'm so glad there is another Austen blog!
    I also prefer the 2008 version of S&S. I think many people prefer the 1995 version, but it's not my favorite for several reason. I've never really been fond of Hugh Grant as Edward. I also believe that when it comes to Jane Austen adaptations, longer is never a bad thing! However, it's been awhile since I watched the 1995 version, so perhaps I should give it another shot.
    I liked Dan Stevens in the 2008 version, but I agree that he wasn't very similar to the book, at least at first. I'd like to think that's what Edward would be like after he warmed up and got to know you better.
    Anyway, just thought I'd let you know I've enjoyed reading your posts and I look forward to more!

  2. Oh I am pleased!!! And I'm glad your glad there is another Austen blog!! :) same about Hugh Grant as Edward and about Austen adaptations being the longer the better!!
    I watched it again recently and I did like it more so maybe you should give it another try :)
    Yes, Dan Stevens portrayed what I would like Edward to be like I think....
    Thanks so much for this feedback!! It's nice to know my posting is worth while!
    I hope you enjoy past and future posts :)

  3. Quite a while ago, I asked you about the 2008 Sense and Sensibility. I just wanted to thank you for your recommendation, as I finally got to watch it not too long ago and found it a good adaptation. Most of the actors and actresses fit the characters better than they did in the 1995 version (even though I still like that version), especially Marianne, Mrs. Dashwood, and Colonel Brandon. I also liked having the extra time of the miniseries - it helped develop the story and didn't leave out characters and parts of it like the 1995 adaptation did. Thanks again for recommending it! I'm really glad I watched it. :)

    1. I am so glad for two reasons! 1. That you enjoyed it! And 2. That you have come back to tell me so! Thank you! It is a good series isn't it?! The actors are brilliant and I think better than the 1995 film as well (and more age appropriate), the music and locations wonderful And as you say it is longer so more detailed! I am really glad you enjoyed it! You are welcome for the recommendation! Thank you for coming back to tell me :) I appreciate it!


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